I'm on "book break"

Pardon my relative quiet here but I've shifted my essay writing into lower gear (though I did publish this essay in November 2018 -- some acts of his demand a response). I'm writing a book about Alzheimer's disease. 

I'm writing to make sense of this disease of the brain and problem of the mind. I blend narrative and history. I recount fascinating stories of the researchers whose groundbreaking discoveries changed the ways we think about what is this disease. I've also uncovered a great misunderstanding in the early history, in the years that immediately followed Alois Alzheimer's case report. Science was at work, but so too a strange brew of culture and politics. I close with a vision of how we can live with this disease. Spoiler alert -- it shall require of us more than biomarkers & drugs.

Publication likely in 2021. To sign up for updates and such, drop me an email jasonkarlawish[@]gmail.com

Jason Karlawish, December 2018.